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Infrastructure for visualization
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This site is dedicated to in-depth information on the activities and results of the SURFsara Visualization group, focusing more on technical and practical subjects. For high-level information on visualisation services and consultancy available from SURF for research please see here:

The SURFsara Visualization group provides data visualization support to the Dutch research community, in particular the high-performance computing users of SURFsara, but also the broader SURF community and Dutch SMEs.

Our group is part of SURFsara, an organization whose goal it is to create a bridge between research and advanced ICT. SURFsara is an operating company of SURF, the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch education and research.

Here you can find more information about our activities, available expertise and support, contact information and more. Please see the pages available through the menu at the top for details on varying subjects.

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