We regularly give courses on data visualization (scientific visualization, information visualization, remote visualization). Half of this course uses ParaView, the other part uses Jupyter Notebooks. Recently we added a full-day course on scientific visualization using Blender, within the Prace Training Center. This introduction-level course teaches using Blender for creating good-looking images and animations from scientific data. Apart from producing pretty output Blender is also a great tool to work with 3D data within a scientific context.

Below is the schedule of past and future courses. Usually, our course module is part of a larger HPC-focused course or the SURF Research Boot Camp.

If you are interested in a course on a particular subject that matches our expertise then please don't hesitate to contact us at visualisation@surfsara.nl. We are always open to extend our course schedule.

Date Description Location
16-01-2019 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
28-11-2018 Data, lights, camera, action! Scientific visualization done beautifully SURFsara (Amsterdam)
23-11-2018 VU HPC Course 2018 SURFsara (Amsterdam)
12-06-2018 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
24-04-2018 Data, lights, camera, action! Scientific visualization done beautifully SURFsara (Amsterdam)
10-04-2018 SURF Research Boot Camp HvA (Amsterdam)
19-02-2018 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
24-11-2017 VU HPC Course VU University (Amsterdam)
16-06-2017 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
15-06-2017 SURF Research Boot Camp TUE (Eindhoven)
20-01-2017 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
03-06-2016 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)
21-04-2016 SURF Research Boot Camp University of Utrecht (Utrecht)
15-04-2016 SURFsara HPC Course TU Delft (Delft)
22-01-2016 UvA HPC Course UvA (Amsterdam)