Past and future events that we’re involved in (note that this list does not include courses):

Date Event Contribution Location
11-04-2019 Girlsday 2019 A small VR challenge in a virtual version of the Amsterdam Science Park SURFsara, Amsterdam
19/21-03-2019 ICT.OPEN and Nederland Digitaal Shared HoloLens demonstration of scientific visualization Gooiland Theater, Hilversum
15-02-2019 PATC/CompBioMed Winter School 2019 A presentation on visualization applied to 2D/3D scientific datasets BSC, Barcelona, Spain
12/15-11-2018 SuperComputing 2019 The tongue-in-cheek interactive VR birthday card "IAMSUPERCOMPUTING" Dallas (TX), US
18-12-2018 Super Day Event AR demonstration Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam
5-11-2018 VARR out! seminar - Virtual and Augmented Reality for Research Event on VR/AR for research co-organised with the UvA SURF, Utrecht
6-10-2018 Open Dag Amsterdam Science Park VR demonstrations Amsterdam Science Park
25-05-2018 SURF Research Roadshow A presentation on visualization services and expertise available through SURF for researchers at the VU VU University, Amsterdam
5-7-2018 The Second Information Universe Conference Created dome animations for presentation "Hidden Order in the Informational Structure of Life" by prof. dr. Peter Sloot (UvA). DOT Groningen
10-04-2018 SURF Research Boot Camp VR and AR demonstrations Hogeschool van Amsterdam
12-12-2017 Super D 2017 event Visualizing large cell-based simulations: a bloody mess? (Presentation) Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
12-12-2017 Super D 2017 event Visualization Competition winner announced Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
12-12-2017 Super D 2017 event VR and AR demonstrations, 3D printing use cases Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
12/17-11-2017 SuperComputing 2017 Augmented reality demonstration of live network changes (with SURFnet), VR demonstrations Denver, USA
27-10-2017 Blender Conference 2017 Presentation "Visualizing large-scale simulations of blood" De Balie, Amsterdam
12-10-2017 CompBioMed @ London Science Museum Lates Virtual Humans (3D animation presented in IMAX theater) London Science Museum
5-10-2017 SURF Coöperatiedag VR demonstrations Mediaplaza, Utrecht
13-04-2017 GirlsDay17 VR demonstrations SURF, Utrecht
13-03-2017 Presentation for UvA SNE students SURFsara, Amsterdam
15-12-2016 Super D 2016 Winner SURFsara Visualization Challenge announced Amsterdam
15-12-2016 Super D 2016 Visualization of Virtual Complex-Fluid Rheometry in a Jupyter Notebook (presentation) Amsterdam
15-12-2016 Super D 2016 VR demonstrations & 3D printing exhibit Amsterdam
13/17-11-2016 SuperComputing 2016 VR presentations on the SURF booth at SC16 Salt Lake City, USA
07-11-2016 SURF Onderwijsdagen VR demonstrations WTC, Rotterdam
28-10-2016 Blender Conference 2016 Presentation "Cycles: the paths to success" De Balie, Amsterdam
01-10-2016 Open Dag ASP Demonstrations Amsterdam Science Park
07-06-2016 SURFnet relatiedag VR demonstration Tivoli, Utrecht
20-05-2016 CLueLab meeting Presentation on remote visualization & cloud computing Utrecht (UU)
10-05-2016 EduBloggers Meetup Presentation for EduBloggers SURF, Utrecht
10-03-2016 Presentation for UvA SNE students SURFsara, Amsterdam