For the presentation Hidden Order in the Informational Structure of Life presented at the Second Information Universe Conference on July 5th, 2018 by prof. dr. Peter Sloot (University of Amsterdam) we were asked to contribute some creative imagery, in support of a regular set of Powerpoint slides. The extra visuals - animations and images - were used to explain concepts with respects to networks, their properties and information propagation within them, plus some other fun things.

The location for the conference was DOT Groningen: a dome cinema that provides a 180 degree projection surface with a diameter of 30 meters1. The resolution of the full dome is around 4,000 x 4,000 pixels. Creating content for such a projection setup presents some unique challenges, such as deciding where exactly to show what content and being able to preview in a sensible way when you don’t have access to the dome in advance.

Below are two rendered images. The (physical) top of the dome is roughly2 in the center of the circular image. When sitting in a seat in the theater and looking straight ahead at the horizon of the dome you see the lower part of the image.


The video below shows a recoding of the presentation. At around 14:00 and 26:00 the images above are visible on the dome. Note that the video provides an interactive 360 degree view using the mouse.

  1. Tip: you can also have a drink and eat at DOT Groningen, outside in the sun next to a small public beach. They serve a mean New Orleans style plate with brisket, ribs and other treats. 

  2. The dome is tilted 30 degrees forward, so the edge of the dome is slightly below the view horizon and the dome center at the top is also slightly in front of you.