RheoCube is a complete simulation environment, developed and marketed by Electric Ant Lab, for the design of complex fluids and exploration of their rheology and transport properties in a virtual environment. With RheoCube, material scientists get access to virtually every information about their materials and can expose them to situations that are difficult to realize in experiments. In the background of RheoCube, high-fidelity simulations are run on parallel super-computers with top-end GPU accelerators bringing computation time down to a practicable level. All automatic, with end-users in mind that do know the physics and applications but lack the simulation and HPC expertise. Data and services are hosted on dedicated in-house servers.

An important part of the virtual lab is performing interactive data analysis of simulated rheology results. Within the Fortissimo RheoCube project our group worked on developing 3D visualization of simulation results (cell and volumetric data). As the post-processing and analysis framework used in RheoCube is based on Jupyter Notebooks the visualizations needed to be integrated within these notebooks.

Example RheoCube notebook

See the HemoSphere project for a follow-up project in which the visualization possibilities within Jupyter Notebooks have been further developed.

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