Same 3D model, different materials and printing techniques

GeneVis is an interactive visualization and exploration tool for combining cross-discipline datasets within genetics. Originally developed within the context of the VUmc CNCR group the tool can be used to overlay gene-cluster data, gene-interaction data and gene-disease association data.

Data at different levels of abstraction and relations can be visualised in the tool:

  • Gene cluster graph: the output of a statistical clustering of gene-gene interactions. This is shown in the “Cluster view” in the image above. Each ellipse in the view contains a set of genes that have some form of interaction. The size of the ellipse is based on the number of genes, the roundness of the ellipse depends on the average interaction score. Links are drawn between ellipses and show the overlap in number of genes.
  • Genes and their interactions within a cluster: zooming in on a single cluster of genes. Shown in the “Gene view of cluster …” above.
  • Gene and gene cluster association to disease data: a color overlay which reveals the disease associations between genes/gene-cluster and a certain disease.
  • Publicly available datasets, such as KEGG, HIPPIE and GWAS.

See this article for a more in-depth article on the tool and its capabilities.

The software can be extended with new capabilities and/or serve as the basis for analysis of similar datasets.