At SuperComputing 2016 we showed a technology demonstration together with SURFnet that combined virtual reality, point cloud capture and distributed data processing. A user saw a virtual 3D point cloud representation of themselves in VR (captured using a Microsoft Kinect) on which they could perform operations, such as scaling or transforming using a waveform. The operations were performed using network function virtualization on the network switches on the booth. Interaction was done using the user’s hands.

Here you can see the demo in action, with its creator Casper interacting with a virtual representation of himself in VR1:

A high-level description of the technology involved is given in the movie below. Much more technical information (in Dutch only) can be found in this blog post.

More information:

  1. As we represent The Netherlands with the booth of the Dutch Research Consortium we even added a little easter egg when using a certain hand gesture. Can you spot it in the video? :)