Twilight started its life in the DynaNets project project under supervision from Robert Belleman of the University of Amsterdam. Master student Laurence Muller created a graph visualization application that was to be usable on the UvA-MTT MultiTouch Table. In the following years Twilight was further developed by students from Robert Belleman, but also at SURFsara.

Twilight leverages igraph for graph operations, such as finding shortest paths and layouting. The software is a hybrid of C++ and Python and can be extended with Python scripts. The user interface is somewhat different from regular desktop applications, due to its origins on the multi-touch table where only finger-based interaction was possible. However, mouse-based interaction is fully supported.

Here is a video of Twilight in action on a graph dataset related to HIV transmission:

Twilight was also used in an episode of VPRO Labyrint were it was used to show research on criminal networks by prof. dr. Peter Sloot (University of Amsterdam). Twilight was running in our Collaboratorium on the large video-wall with touch interaction. The video is in Dutch, but subtitled in English: