For the past two years we have organized a competition with the tagline “Show us your research!” in which we ask users of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure to submit visualisations of their work. Entries are judged by a group of domain experts on communication of the research and results, visual impact and aesthetics, skill required to make the visualization and usage of the e-Infrastructure in producing it.

The goals of the competition are to stimulate visualization as tool and activity within research and to provide more insight into the usage of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure in a visually attractive way.

The winner of the 2017 edition, shown below, was awarded at the SURF Super D event on December 12th, 2017.

** The next edition of the Visualization Challenge, traditionally at the end of the year, has been postponed. At the start of 2019 more information will be made available on the next edition, please watch**

Winner of the 2017 competition: Direct numerical simulations of sheared thermal convection
by Alexander Blass MSc (Physics of Fluids group, University of Twente)

See below for links to results of previous competition years.

Year Winner 2nd place 3rd place
2017 Direct numerical simulations of sheared thermal convection, A. Blass (University of Twente) Clouds over the Netherlands - multiscale simulations for locally improving a global weather model, Jansson et al. (CWI, ...) Activity wave in human primary visual cortex V1, M. Ekman (Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior)
2016 Thermohaline Staircase, Yang et al. (University of Twente) Blood flow in human heart along prosthetic mechanical valves, Arza et al. (University of Twente) eWatercycle: Global hydrological forecast, Van Meersbergen et al. (Netherlands eScience Center, TU Delft)

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